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Artificial Intelligence

AI is already playing a major role in the business world. From banks to e-commerce sites, AI is performing important business processes that were not possible years ago. Our team offers machine learning-based solutions that are developed from customers’ real data to help customers achieve better and faster business performance with less time and money.

Here are some of the solutions we offer:

Customer Churn Prediction: Loyal customers can help businesses maintain/increase revenue. We identify which factors contribute to customer churn and build a prediction model that can classify if a customer is going to churn or not.

Customer Segmentation: All customers are not the same. Accurate customer segmentation can help achieve successful/effective marketing promotion/campaign. We develop a model that segments your customers into groups so that you can perform targeted marketing activity on the customers with similar characteristics and needs.


Personalized Product Bundling: When introducing/offering products, smart product bundling has proved to be successful in marketing and selling. With AI models, you can determine which products with what prices are the best fit for a given customer.

AD Spend Optimization: It is important to determine how much should be spent on each marketing campaign. By keeping constant watch over various marketing channels and evaluating how each campaign is performing, our AI models can identify the optimal timing, means, and costs for advertising your promotions.

User Intent Prediction: Transactional data collected from business operations is used to produce intent data. We process the data to predict user intent to buy or adopt a specific product/service.

Sentiment Analysis: Knowing what your customers want and how they feel about your product help understand market trends and opportunities for improvement. Our AI models can help you achieve your goals with less time/effort.

Product Recommendation: You can increase your revenue in selling products online by utilizing a product recommendation system, which is already widely used in the retail/e-commerce industry. We develop product recommendation systems that use customer profiles, transaction data and site traffic data.


Loan/Mortgage Approval: Streamlining the loan/mortgage approval process helps financial service businesses have opportunities for better service for customers and more profitable business. We can help you build a loan/mortgage approval system to achieve these goals.

Abnormal Transaction Detection: Identifying transactions that do not conform to expected patterns, which are not usually detected by human experts, is an important task for some business. Such abnormal transactions can be detected by AI models that use your historical transaction data.

Fraud Detection: Leveraging AI for fraud detection can help your business to improve security and streamline business processes. By combining supervised learning and unsupervised learning, we can help you gain better understanding of your customers’ behaviors and improve detection of new and emerging fraud attacks.

Possibility is unlimited. Please contact us to check if you can take advantage of our AI solutions.

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