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AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence) Company

Empowered by Microsoft Cloud platforms including AI and BI, we deliver realistic, powerful and affordable solutions to your business. We understand that every successful business has its own advantages over its competition. Our team will provide you with the tools and resources your business needs to stay competitive in today’s market.

Our Services

Our Services

Every business can benefit from AI/BI. It is not optional. Whether you like/want it or not, AI/BI is everywhere, and you cannot live without it unless you are OK with falling behind. Our team can help you utilize AI/BI technology and get ahead of your competition. Some benefits of using AI in BI include:

  • Less time and resources devoted to performing AI/BI

  • More efficient management of massive datasets

  • Implementation of automated AI/BI processes

  • Insight that would be impossible to access without AI

  • Enabling of real-time reporting and dashboards

Artificial Intelligence

With AI, you can streamline your business process intelligently, do your business more professionally, reduce cost and satisfy your customers.

Business Intelligence

If you have your business data in hand, you can discover insights hidden in your data, make better decisions in your business and maximize your chance of success.


Do you want to improve or transform the way you communicate with your customers?  Or are you looking for better ways how you operate your business? 

Learning Management

If you need to train your employees online, our LMS (Learning Management System) can help you with less effort.

ABIWay is the AI and BI Company.

Ready to find out more?

If you are interested in our services, please contact us and let us know what you need. We can provide more detailed information, presentations and demos if possible.

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